Things to Do:
  • Take a boat trip to Scattery Island
  • Watch the Dolphins in the Shannon Estuary from the coast road or take a Boat tour
  • Play golf on beautiful Kilrush Golf Course, in Kilkee or Doonbeg (15 min)
  • Visit Vandeleur Walled Garden
  • Find out more about the legendary West Clare Railway
  • Take a swim at Cappa pier, our 'Blue Flag" beach
  • Join a traditional Music Session in one of the traditional Pubs in Kilrush

About our Location in Kilrush, West Clare!

You'll find us on Henry Street 46 in Kilrush. (see map below)
Henry Street Kilrush
Kilrush (translated: Church of the promontory or wood) is a busy market and heritage town with access to the Shannon River. Dolphin watch trips operate daily in the season. Another interesting attraction is Scattery Island, which can also be reached by a boat from the marina. It has been an ecclesiastical centre since early times. A monastery, reputedly founded there by St Senan in the sixth century, suffered under the Vikings in the ninth and tenth centuries and was largely destroyed in Tudor times. Scattery Island has also served as a harbour for the Spanish Armada and as a defense outpost for the English government. Various ruins on the Island tell about its intersting history, the visitor centre is open in season.

Kilrush Woods occupies 170 hectares east of the town and was formerly the Vandeleur Demesne. The wood contains beautiful, mature trees planted in the 18th century. The revived Vandeleur Walled Garden specialises in sub-tropical and southern hemisphere plants. The Visitor Center in Kilrush has the "Kilrush in Landlord Times" exhibition.

Scattery Island Kilrush was once one of the two terminals of the West Clare Railway coming from Ennis, the neighbouring town of Kilkee being the other. The railway closed in 1961 but a short section of the railway has been re-opened at Moyasta as a tourist attraction. One of the original steam engines on the route, the Slieve Callan has been restored.
Eigse Mrs. Crotty Music Festival
Kilrush hosts a traditional Irish music festival in August of each year — the Eigse Mrs. Crotty festival, so named after a famed concertina player from the town. Some pubs have traditional music sessions all year round.

The town is the ideal place to explore the West Clare region which is well known for the hospitality of its people. You'll find all the activities and information about the West of County Clare here.

GPS: N 52.63996 W(-) 9.48517

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